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One year after Dr. Kirk was captured by Regina's S.O.R.T. team, another accident occurred. In a desperate emergency, they sent a US Army Special Forces TRAT team.
One year has passed since Dr. Kirk was captured by Regina's S.O.R.T. team. Since his research on 3rd energy was in the government's custody, another accident occurred. Not using any pre-cautions, it transported a research facility, military facility, and a civilian town to another time. In a desperate emergency, they created a 3rd energy time machine and sent a US Army Special Forces TRAT team. The leader is Lieutenant Dylan Morton. Since Regina was the only one who fought with dinosaurs, she had to go too. The mission objectives were: 1. Retrieve a data disk on 3rd energy 2. Rescue all civilians However, the mission went wrong. The whole TRAT team got killed by raptors. The only survivors are Dylan, Regina, and David. Their goal is to try to stay on mission. During their survival, there are human attackers. What does it have to do with Dylan's destiny? Will Regina and Dylan come back to their own time?
Although many players loved the first one back on 1999, but a lot of them were so upset about the difficulty of the game, so in order to please the gamers Capcom did a deadly mistake. They changed the game from horror to action.<br/><br/>I was very shocked when I played it because they destroyed the whole game system, so instead of using your brain to solve puzzles they gave you weapons and asked you just to shoot dinosaurs (Every Single One) excuse me, am I playing Dino Crisis 2 or Dino Crisis Arcade!!!<br/><br/>Shooting Dinosaurs isn&#39;t a big issue for me I actually loved it, but when I have to keep going back and kill and kill just to gain a new weapon, items or bullet it just destroyed the joy of the game that the original used to have.<br/><br/>Another thing that annoyed me was the variety of Dinosaurs, i can&#39;t believe i&#39;m saying this but, they brought every single Dinosaurs that scientist discovered without keeping anything to the next game (which led them to made the third one on space and destroyed the whole franchise)<br/><br/>This game could be accepted if they really made it for the Arcade system and call it Dino Crisis the arcade game, but to make it a main sequel after and changing it like that after only one year of the original that&#39;s the first step that led Capcom to hell by destroying a lot of amazing titles just like Resident Evil, Onimusha and Devil May Cry.
&quot;Dino Crisis&quot;(9/10) was a brilliant game for the Playstation, which was created by the geneous behind the fabolous &quot;Resident Evil&quot;-series. Many people called &quot;Dino Crisis&quot; for &quot;Resident Evil&quot; with dinosaurs instead of zombies, and they were probably right. After playing &quot;Dino Crisis 2&quot; for about 5 or 10 minutes, you`ll probably have killed the same amount of dinosaurs that you killed in the whole last game. That is why I think of &quot;Dino Crisis 2&quot; as an americanized version of the last game, because it is too much action and very little tension, puzzles and horror, which made the first game so good. &quot;Dino Crisis 2&quot; is still very good game, but different from the first game, and I know that many of you out there will prefer &quot;DC2&quot; to &quot;DC1&quot;, because of the increased amount of action.<br/><br/>8/10

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