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A man, his business partner, and his wife are enlisted to transport an unknown object from a Russian military base, only to discover that the object is a giant, genetically-altered python.
Hired for his transportation services, a former mercenary and his wife accompanying a secret convoy to a Soviet military base find it overrun by a gigantic snake and must battle the creature to get out alive.<br/><br/>This here turned out rather decently overall, though it&#39;s better than might be expected. The location being kept in the darkened military base underground with its tight, cramped quarters and endless corridors always it to have a bit of a creepier feel than expected, especially when it winds itself up and really lets loose in the second half. That it focuses on the more traditional forms of suspense with its wailing cry off in the distance and being hidden away in the location makes these scenes far better than expected, and generally makes it quite exciting at times. While it does provide a nice body count within, the fact that the CGI for the snake is so ludicrous that it rarely looks realistic enough and really takes that away from the film. Also quite flawed is the fact that it doesn&#39;t really have a sequel feel to it, with little to connect it to the first one other than one character, and that&#39;s not saying much else for it. It&#39;s also got a tendency to fall into cliché far too often and feel reminiscent of too many other films when it could&#39;ve done something unique with the material. That quality with the CGI, though, is the film&#39;s real true falling grace and what holds it down.<br/><br/>Rated R: Violence and Language.
I was puzzled by the credits being mostly Russian names. Then I realized this was a movie set in Russia that actually WAS shot in Russia!<br/><br/>So I say, cut it some slack. A stray thought– the actors playing soldiers in the film probably WERE former members of the Red Army! They certainly had the moves. And the CGI serpents are pretty dang good! I was impressed by a couple of sequences. In one, the snake&#39;s underside reflects the light of the flamethrower being used (ineffectually) against it. The other nicely-done sequence is lifted from Gandalf&#39;s &quot;death&quot; in LotR: TFotR, with a serpent playing the Balrog role.

Snakes are delicious to eat as well as being healthy for you. They are one of earths gentlest creatures. No, unfortunately he died horribly in the original &quot;Python&quot;. Yes. Snakes, unlike humans, can grow to as large as their diet allows them. If a snake has unlimited food, theoretically, it could grow to unlimited size. Yes. Many creatures eat people including people. A most emphatic HELLS YEAH! This movie is great! No.
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