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In the late 23rd century, retired Starfleet officers James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott and Pavel Chekov are guests of honor aboard the newly-christened Enterprise-B. However, her maiden voyage takes an unexpected turn when the starship encounters two vessels trapped inside the Nexus, a mysterious energy ribbon. During a perilous rescue attempt, Kirk sacrifices himself in a heroic attempt to save the lives of the ships' passengers. 78 years later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise-D crew encounter Dr. Tolian Soran, a renegade scientist with a deadly plan to harness the power of the Nexus at the cost of millions of innocent lives. Picard's only hope for the future now rests within the Nexus… and a legendary captain from the past.
With the help of long presumed dead Captain Kirk, Captain Picard must stop a renegade scientist willing to murder on a planetary scale in order to enter a space matrix.
STAR TREK: GENERATIONS was widely heralded as the cross-over movie that featured crews from both the original 1960s STAR TREK along with the cast of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Unfortunately it&#39;s pretty much a failure on both counts, coming across as a particularly stodgy extended TV episode.<br/><br/>The problem with the original cast is that there are only three of them, and the biggies (Nimoy, Kelly) are missing. Meanwhile, Doohan and Koenig only get a few scenes in the beginning. Shatner does better, but even he&#39;s kept off-screen for a great deal of time, leaving this a shambles. Personally I was left waiting for his return as the film inevitably picks up whenever he&#39;s around.<br/><br/>The stuff with the new crew is largely embarrassing, particularly a never-ending sub-plot involving Data getting an emotion chip which leads to some of the lamest, most embarrassing comedy ever. It just has no place in a film like this, and it feels like the writer was just attempting to fill up the running time. Patrick Stewart is equally wasted, moping about with his non-existent family. At least Malcolm McDowell gives a decent turn as the villain, and the film&#39;s pretty entertaining when it focuses on him and Kirk; so the first half hour and the last half hour are the decent bits, and the rest is rather dull, silly, and stodgy.
This film follows &quot;The Undiscovered Country&quot;(91), the last to feature all of the original Trek cast, also functioning as a follow-up to the TNG series, which ended a few months earlier. So, there are a lot of elements to bring together, or attempt to, into a cohesive whole - a challenge that was probably next to impossible. This is, largely, a wish fulfillment dream for the Trek fans, namely an answer to the proposition &#39;what if Kirk teamed up with Picard?&#39; The film represents the differences between this film series and others, in that much of the plot and themes are essentially dictated by the fans. The writers were given certain plot points that were mandated to be part of the story and their job was to somehow write around these: Kirk meets Picard; Data gets emotional; Enterprise crashes; Kirk…meets his end? The writing is adequate, but due to the constraints, there were quite a few clumsy aspects to the overall story. There is an unusual scope to the film: the first 18 minutes take place in the 23rd century, with Kirk, Scotty and Chekov (the last appearances for them) on the new Enterprise-B. This is a nice section, almost like a mini-movie or episode within the film, with our old guard crew definitely retired (tho I always felt Chekov had a good 10 years left in him). Then it transits to the 24th century, to Picard, Riker, Data and the rest of the crew of Enterprise-D.<br/><br/>This transition in itself is not bad, but the writers had to come up with a way for Kirk to go forward and team up with his 24th century counterpart and using the by-now-stale method of traditional time travel was out. So they came up with the Nexus ribbon, an intriguing space/time phenomenon which mirrors the concept of the film: a wish-fulfillment dimension where/when anything goes, anything can happen. It addressed the problem of how to get Kirk and Picard together, but is sufficiently vague and even hazy in its conception that it comes off as simply hasty writing, not the cleverness we hoped for. The threat faced by Picard and crew is the somewhat grandly villainous Soran (McDowell, fiendishly gleeful as is usual for him, but not entirely suitable for the tragic aspects of his character), whose plan to enter the Nexus involves destroying an entire solar system. Soran is teamed up with a couple of Klingon sisters from the TNG series and these actresses actually give the better performances in the film. The pace is pretty good, with enough action to offset the lengthy subplot about Picard&#39;s personal tragedy, which mirrors Soran&#39;s - parallels abound. The key battle scenes in space here echo those of the 3rd Trek film, in which a smaller Bird of Prey Klingon ship once again gains the upper hand over a more powerful Starfleet vessel - I suppose being a sneaky dastardly alien race has its advantages in both the 23rd and 24th centuries.<br/><br/>But, it actually works to the film&#39;s favor, establishing a darkly ironic tone for the usually level, sometimes bland Trek universe. After seven years of evading destruction from all manner of cosmic menaces on the TNG series, the great ship is laid low by these cloaked skulkers, plotting their deeds from an outmoded vessel (the Enterprise-D&#39;s downfall was an edict from higher powers at Paramount, in reality). Likewise, after even more years of eluding all manner of death, Kirk appears to have used up all his good fortune. It seemed to me that, after exiting the safety of the Nexus, Kirk was doomed to fall, no matter what; he would&#39;ve misstepped somewhere on those mountains even without Soran attacking him - all his cards had been played. Of course, as a longtime fan, I would&#39;ve preferred Kirk survived and gone off into legend in the same way Scotty did on the TNG episode &quot;Relics.&quot; But no, the filmmakers were hampered by rules and lack of imagination, a bad combo for such a series. Rules were created for the Nexus, for example, which sweeps over the planet and takes Soran &amp; Picard along with it, but leaves the Enterprise crew to die with the planet; so it only swept over that small part of the planet - convenient. Wild science fiction with loopholes.<br/><br/>Kirk and Picard interact in much the way we would expect and it&#39;s a great exercise for the two seasoned actors, Shatner and Stewart. If only the setting wasn&#39;t so mundane - cooking eggs in a kitchen. The budget limitations, rushed quality and not thinking things out enough shows in these sections: by rights, no one should be able to leave the Nexus. The audience has to make allowances to feel better about it all: starship captains are made of different stuff. They&#39;ll get out. But, if you can get out, would you go back to the moments to just before everything goes to hell? Why not give yourself a day? If Kirk had to die, couldn&#39;t it have been on the bridge of an exploding starship or even an exploding planet, to give it some grandness, maybe even some greatness? You can drive yourself crazy with all the what ifs. Some of the themes, related to old age, the brevity of human life and making a difference, though having a &#39;tacked on&#39; feel, do emerge by the end. And, it&#39;s interesting that the antagonist, who rebels against these declared virtues, is himself nearly immortal (Guinan&#39;s race is very long-lived); that may be why he instigated this conflict, not knowing the preciousness of a brief life. But, this is what happens when you put together a film as modified by fans - you get a fan film - exciting in many ways, quite illogical in others. That&#39;s what Spock might say and he was missing, but I think Nimoy had the same opinion. Next was the all-new crew film on the new Enterprise-E in &quot;First Contact.&quot;
Star Trek: Generations is a successful entry in the series, and a darn good film on its own.
Captain James T Kirk (<a href="/name/nm0000638/">William Shatner</a>) is back, but the only ones from his crew to return with him are chief engineer Montgomery &quot;Scotty&quot; Scott (<a href="/name/nm0001150/">James Doohan</a>) and Pavel Chekov (<a href="/name/nm0000479/">Walter Koenig</a>), although <a href="/name/nm0000854/">Majel Barrett</a> returns as the voice of the Enterprise computer. This is the movie where the crew from the TV series <a href="/title/tt0092455/">Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)</a> (1987-1994) moves into the films. Led by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (<a href="/name/nm0001772/">Patrick Stewart</a>), the new Enterprise crew consists of Commander Will Ryker (<a href="/name/nm0000408/">Jonathan Frakes</a>), Lieutenant Commander Data (<a href="/name/nm0000653/">Brent Spiner</a>), Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge (<a href="/name/nm0000996/">LeVar Burton</a>), Lieutenant Commander Worf (<a href="/name/nm0000373/">Michael Dorn</a>), Dr Beverly Crusher (<a href="/name/nm0000533/">Gates McFadden</a>), counselor Deanna Troi (<a href="/name/nm0000642/">Marina Sirtis</a>), and bartender Guinan (<a href="/name/nm0000155/">Whoopi Goldberg</a>). In the late 23rd century, a mysterious energy ribbon called the Nexus cripples the Enterprise-B, taking Captain Kirk with it. Seventy-eight years later, the Enterprise-D finds itself facing this same energy ribbon, and now it&#39;s Captain Picard&#39;s turn to deal with it. Unfortunately, El-Aurian scientist Tolian Soran (<a href="/name/nm0000532/">Malcolm McDowell</a>) who was previously pulled from the Nexus by Kirk and his crew, has been desperately trying to get back into it and will stop at nothing to make it so, even if it means destroying entire star systems. Guinan, who has also been inside the Nexus, thinks that the only one who can help Picard stop Soran is Captain Kirk, who has been living in the Nexus since he was pulled into it all those years ago. The prologue takes place in the events of the previous film in the year 2293 A.D., while the majority of the film takes place 78 years later in the year 2371 A.D. (seven years after the introduction of Picard&#39;s crew in the the first episode, <a href="/title/tt0094030/">&quot;Encounter at Farpoint&quot;</a> (1987), of Star Trek: The Next Generation). Trilithium is a fictional compound that works as a nuclear inhibitor able to stop all fusion within a star and cause it to go supernova. Soran stole it from the Romulans, which is why they came looking for it and killed everyone on the observatory. He has made a deal with the treacherous Klingon Duras sisters—Lursa (<a href="/name/nm0545277/">Barbara March</a>) and B&#39;Etor (<a href="/name/nm0909657/">Gwynyth Walsh</a>)—to supply them with his research on trilithium in return for their aid in returning him to the Nexus. Picard convinces Kirk to leave the Nexus and accompany him to Veridian-3 in order to stop Soran from launching the rocket that will blow up their sun and kill the 2.5 million inhabitants on Veridian-4. As the Nexus approaches Veridian-3, Soran runs off with the controller. Picard notices that the control pad is still on the bridgespan, so Kirk agrees to fetch it while Picard goes after the launcher. In order to reach the controller pad, Kirk must make his way out onto the broken bridge. He reaches the pad and makes the rocket visible again, but the bridge breaks, sending him plummeting. On the other hand, Picard makes it to the launcher and lock the missile into place so that, when Soran attempts to fire the rocket, it blows up in place, killing him. As the Nexus passes harmlessly overhead, Picard climbs down to rescue Kirk, but he is dying. &quot;It was fun,&quot; Kirk says and closes his eyes in death. Picard buries him under a pile of rocks. Starfleet rescue ships begin arriving to pick up Picard and the survivors of the Enterprise crash. In the final scene, the crew searches through the Enterprise debris. Data comes across Spot and, with the emotion chip still in place, he displays extreme Joy in finding his cat alive. Picard locates his family picture album, which also pleases him, although he tells Ryker that &quot;what we leave behind is not as important as how we lived.&quot; They are then beamed onto the Farragut and head back to Earth. Yes. Star Trek Generations, a novelization of the movie by American science fiction writer J.M. Dillard (pen name for Jeanne Kalogridis), was released in 1994. So far, there are 13. Star Trek: Generations was preceded by <a href="/title/tt0079945/">Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)</a> (1979), <a href="/title/tt0084726/">Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)</a> (1982), <a href="/title/tt0088170/">Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)</a> (1984), <a href="/title/tt0092007/">Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)</a> (1986), <a href="/title/tt0098382/">Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)</a> (1989), and <a href="/title/tt0102975/">Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)</a> (1991), all of which feature the Enterprise captained by James T Kirk. It was followed by <a href="/title/tt0117731/">Star Trek: First Contact (1996)</a> (1996), <a href="/title/tt0120844/">Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)</a> (1998), and <a href="/title/tt0253754/">Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)</a> (2002), all of which feature the Enterprise captained by Jean-Luc Picard. <a href="/title/tt0796366/">Star Trek (2009)</a> (2009), <a href="/title/tt1408101/">Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)</a> (2013) and <a href="/title/tt2660888/">Star Trek: Beyond (2016)</a> (2016) harken to an alternate reality in which Kirk was just beginning his career with Starfleet Academy. It might be possible, but it&#39;s extremely unlikely. For one thing, there doesn&#39;t seem to be any reason why Picard&#39;s fantasies would include the Enterprise being destroyed (to say nothing of being destroyed in exactly the same way as in reality, which he didn&#39;t witness) and Kirk&#39;s death. For another, Picard never leaving the Nexus would mean that the Enterprise crew all died when Veridian III was destroyed, which would make it impossible for Worf to become a regular cast member on <a href="/title/tt0106145/">Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)</a>, or for Troi and Barclay to guest-star on <a href="/title/tt0112178/">Star Trek: Voyager (1995)</a>.
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